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What is Ripple Effect?

Ripple Effect is an evangelism program that seeks to shift the evangelistic culture in the church for effective and sustained impact; going beyond just training people in the ‘how to’.


As part of the Revitalise Australia suite of programs by City to City Australia, Ripple Effect works alongside church leaders, church communities, and gifted evangelists in the congregation to foster a new season of fruitfulness and better prepare your church to proclaim the gospel!

How does Ripple Effect work?

The program is all-encompassing, delivered in four distinct parts:


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Face to face workshops aimed at helping the church to understand their local community, identify opportunities for evangelism and establishing pathways for people becoming Christians.

Online training for church small groups, with a focus on mobilising the whole church to be more intentional and better equipped to share their faith.

This can also be done as a stand-alone course.

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Specialist evangelism coaching for church leaders to train and support the leader to embed relevant ministry systems, culture, metrics and leadership development, and identify and raise up gifted evangelists within the church.


Participation in a regular, specialist cohort for gifted evangelists in the church, aimed at developing their gifts and empowering them to lead evangelistic endeavours in their own context.

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Why use Ripple Effect?

Ripple Effect is ideal for a church that has a desire to reach their community but is struggling to know how, doesn’t feel equipped to talk about their faith, has seen limited evangelistic growth, or doesn’t have a culture of evangelism.

We recognize that training alone is not sufficient for shifting the evangelistic culture of your church. By adopting the holistic approach used by the Ripple Effect program, you will see:

  • Every person praying regularly for their friends and family

  • Everyone living a life ‘on mission’ and ready to serve God

  • Every person feeling confident to share their faith

  • A welcoming and evangelistic culture that’s outward facing

  • A greater gospel presence in your local community

  • An excitement about what God might do in your context


We invite you to explore everything Ripple Effect has to offer!

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