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What is Ripple Effect?

Ripple Effect is a comprehensive and accessible Christian discipleship course in evangelism that will help you:

  • Better understand the good news about Jesus yourself

  • Love family and friends who don’t know Jesus by praying for them regularly

  • Develop skills in talking about Jesus

  • Learn how to live a life always ‘on mission’ and ready to serve God

  • Hear what God is doing in and through others as you pray for them

How does it work?

Ripple Effect is made up of 6 modules, each containing 8 sessions. The program is built around small groups of people meeting weekly to engage with the brief session video and session guide.

These weekly meetings are where discipleship happens and are crucial to the momentum of Ripple Effect. For each session, people will:


Module 2 - Session 2 DEEPER CONVERSATIONS - YouTube - 1 16.jpeg

Share stories of evangelistic opportunities since the last session to encourage and seek wisdom from others in the group.

Praise God for his love, salvation, and the privilege of evangelism. Ask God to save our family and friends and use us to help them come to know and trust Jesus.

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Improve confidence and competence in evangelism by learning, practicing, and reviewing skills that enable us to speak about Jesus in a natural and unforced manner.


It’s easy to follow, but gets right to the heart of God’s work in our world, asks questions that get us thinking deeper about our faith and how it speaks to the lives of those we love.


This is just the kind of course we have been looking for!  Weekly sessions that help us to get Jesus into our everyday conversations.  It is easy to digest and culturally relevant.  (Love that it is written by Australians!)  Quick, doable, everyday ideas – not complex apologetics which you rarely share. 


I love that evangelism is not painted as a complicated activity that only the super gifted or super spiritual can do... The motivation to have a ripple effect isn't driven by guilt that I must do, but rather from love that I can do.

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