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Bringing Evangelism to Your Church
Julie-anne Laird: Your Evangelism Catalyst

Julie-anne Laird has a genuine passion for spreading the message of Christ, Julie-anne is dedicated to fostering a true gospel movement across Australia. She brings over two decades of experience, including her work with AFES in helping students reach out to the Uni Campus in Melbourne. Additionally, she chairs Lausanne Australia and has served as a Victorian Coordinator for Arrow Leadership for the last 14 years.


With years of experience in fostering gospel movements and spreading the message of Christ, Julie-anne is ready to come to your church and lead live workshops designed to transform your evangelistic culture for sustained impact.

Workshops for the Everyday Christian

Ripple Effect Workshops empower your congregation to understand their local communities, identify evangelism opportunities, and establish pathways for individuals to become devoted followers of Christ. These live sessions are for equipping the everyday christian in your church, ensuring relevance and effectiveness.

Through our live workshops, your church members will:

  • Gain a deep understanding of the gospel message.

  • Develop a passion for praying regularly for loved ones who need to know Christ.

  • Acquire practical skills in effectively sharing their faith.

  • Embrace a lifestyle of mission and service.

  • Witness the transformative power of prayer as they intercede for others.

Why choose Ripple Effect Workshops?
1. Personalised Approach

Our team brings their expertise directly to your church, ensuring a tailored experience that meets your congregation's needs.

2. Lasting Impact

Our workshops aim to shift the evangelistic culture within your church, leading to sustained growth and impact in your community.

3. Expert Guidance

Benefit from our team's wealth of experience and passion for evangelism as they lead your congregation through transformative workshops.

4. Community Building

Join a network of churches committed to spreading the gospel and making a tangible difference in their communities

Join the Movement Today

Don't miss this opportunity to bring Julie-anne and Ripple Effect Workshops to your church. Contact us now to schedule live workshops and begin the journey toward a vibrant, evangelistic community that transforms lives for Christ. Let's make waves of change together!

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