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Empowering Church Leaders for Evangelism
Ripple Effect Incubator:
Led by gifted evangelist, Julie-anne Laird

Under the expert guidance of Julie-anne Laird, the Ripple Effect Incubator offers specialised coaching for church leaders. Our aim is to equip and support leaders in embedding relevant ministry systems, fostering a culture of evangelism, establishing meaningful metrics, developing leaders, and identifying and raising up gifted evangelists within their churches.

Rooted in Jesus' command to "make disciples of all nations," the Ripple Effect Incubator is designed to empower churches to be transformational forces in their communities. Through our intensive four-day sessions, church leaders will explore strategic approaches to evangelism and mission, unlocking the full potential of their congregations to impact their surroundings for Christ.

What to Expect

The Ripple Effect Incubator PLUS unit offered by City to City Australia covers essential aspects of missional engagement, including:

Module 1: Thinking Through Evangelism

Gain valuable insights into the foundational principles of evangelism and learn practical strategies for effective gospel-sharing in today's context.

Module 2: How Do People Become Christians?

Explore the journey of conversion and discover effective approaches for guiding individuals through the process of becoming committed followers of Christ.

Module 3: How Do We Think like Missionaries?

Equip yourself with the mindset and skills necessary to live out a missional lifestyle, both locally and globally.

Module 4: Change Management

Learn practical strategies for implementing change within your church community to cultivate a culture of evangelism and mission.

Why choose the Ripple Effect Incubator?
  • Guidance from a Gifted Evangelist: Benefit from the expertise and insight of Julie-anne Laird, a seasoned evangelism practitioner.

  • Practical Application: Acquire tools and strategies that can be immediately implemented within your church context.

  • Community Connection: Join a network of church leaders committed to fostering evangelism and mission in their churches.

  • Biblical Foundation: Grounded in biblical principles, our program provides a solid framework for effective evangelism and disciple-making.

Join Us Online

Don't miss this opportunity to participate in the Ripple Effect Incubator. Register now for the upcoming Missional Engagement course offered online by City to City Australia. Equip yourself to lead your church into a new season of evangelistic impact and discipleship growth under the guidance of Julie-anne Laird!

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